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How much Presence do you have?

A “digital presence” is simply how your business appears online. Being online helps your customers easily access you and your products or services. Similarly, it allows businesses to get to their target audience.

In today’s era of technology and digital advancement, a strong digital presence is vital if you want to see success on the internet.


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We at Alphadot X make sure that we build a positive digital presence allows you to:


Create Visibility

Your company shouldn’t be a secret. Your customers should be able to learn everything there is to know about you.


Establish Your Authority

A digital presence allows you to demonstrate your industry knowledge and expertise without bragging. You can {indirectly} explain why you’re the best in your industry. You build trust. When people need a service you provide, you want them to think of you.


Build Rapport / Relationships

Your clientele is composed of people, and people are relational. Show them you are a real person and you have something that could help them.


Offer Reciprocity

When you share something of value with people, many will naturally be inclined to give something of equal value to you. When you offer free, high-quality content and information, they may choose your services over the competition.


Create a Positive First Impression

People form a first impression within the first seven seconds. Today, most people will search for a business online first before driving to the company’s location. What kind of impression will you leave with them?


Build Constancy

Your digital presence is always there for you, every day, every hour, every minute. TV commercials, radio advertisements, and printed material last for only a limited time. Your digital presence is always ready to offer information for those seeking your services. It has no geographical boundaries. It’s there working for you even when you’re not.